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March 8, 2006

I’m noticing our company name, BeInSync, poses problems sometimes. Pronouncing it over the phone is one source of confusion, the other is writing it in several ways. So, just to clarify, it is BeInSync, not BeInSynch or Be(L)nSync (yes, the ‘I’ is sometimes confused with the letter ‘L’).

Anyone having difficulty with the name? Like it? Hate it? You’re invited to post your comments and let me know…


Very surprising telecommuting statistics

March 6, 2006

According to a survey by InsightExpress, commisioned by VPN vendor SonicWall, 67% of employees surveyed believe working from home increases their productivity, and over half log in to their remote network on a daily basis.

However, the survey also found out some additional statistics…

It seems some 10% of those working from home do not wear any clothes while doing so! And additionally, only 30% of the men (and 45% of the women) take a bath on their work-from-home days!

BeInSync 2.0 beta begins

March 1, 2006

bisbeta.gif We’re very excited about our new product. Today is the start of the beta program of BeInSync 2.0, in which we’ll gather user feedback in prepration for the official launch in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

What’s new? I don’t want to give it all up, but the highlights include a singnificant perfomance boost, enhanced file sharing capabilities and support for Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.

If you’d like to take part in our beta, please write to