BeInSync Vs. GoToMyPC

iStock_000000463823Small.jpgFunctionally speaking, BeInSync can be viewed as an alternative to remote access software such as GoToMyPC or a VPN. However, the underlying concept is different: with BeInSync you don’t need to access your data. Instead, your data can follow you! In other words, beyond plain remote Web access, since BeInSync can automatically keep your files and folders in sync across multiple computers, you can use it and not have to worry about accessing your data anymore. There’s also a performance benefit here. Since you essentially work on files locally, you don’t have the roundtrip time involved when using VPNs and other remote access applications. Imagine editing a huge PhotoShop file with a VPN…

I believe a VPN-type software is a huge overkill for an individual or a small business: it’s expensive, difficult to set up and doesn’t do what you really want, which is simply to make sure you have your data with you anytime, anywhere, without having to work hard at getting it.


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