About privacy…

iStock_000000067821_1.jpg You’ve probably heard about the recent concerns voiced around Google’s new Google Desktop product. It seems, according to the EFF and others, that if you choose to use this software for file sharing, remote access or for searching across multiple computers, your private files end up on Google’s servers. Worse yet, recently we’ve all heard about the justice department requests from Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN to disclose certain user information. The combination of these things is something to be concerned about.

When designing BeInSync we used secure Peer-to-Peer technology in order to access and share files across PCs. We took extra care not to have to store user files on our servers. Moreover, we took care not even to store user file name and indices. I want to stress this point, as some of our users are still coming to us expressing concerns about privacy and asking where their files are stored. The answer is: nowhere, only on your own computers! When you access a remote file through a Web browser or sync it to your computer, the connection is made directly to the peer PC and does not go through our servers. So you can be assured BeInSync, and of course any other entity, cannot access your private files.


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